2020 Top 5 Trends For Communications

2020 Top 5 Trends For Communications

Discover which communications trends we expect to take centre stage in 2020.

“While 5G may be the darling of innovation currently, with spending expected to reach $8 billion by 2023, there are many other aspects of communications technology that can have as much or even greater impact on operations.”


IP Telephony

PSTN-based telephony will start to be deactivated in the next 5 years, therefore businesses will need to adopt IP-based telephony services, whether SIP Trunks or VoIP. With added features like mobile twinning and desktop calling, there are considerable benefits, as well as savings to be made from the right solution.


Microsoft Teams

Considering that Microsoft has replaced Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams, incorporated full telephony services and its already-extensive feature-set, including Web-version of Excel, Word and PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams is expected to go from strength-to-strength and become the go-to-app for productivity in the new decade.  



Now that UK networks are live and coverage is starting to spread to smaller cities, 5G connectivity is set to supercharge business networks, offering robust solutions for backup, IoT, remote services like surgery, disaster recovery as many use-cases that have yet to be considered. Early adoption is vital for those wanting to outshine and undercut their competition.  



Virtual Reality workspaces are gaining industry traction. Products from Facebook’s Oculus platform, as well as Windows HoloLens 2, are creating virtual collaboration spaces which are considerably more interactive than staring at a flat screen. This higher level of engagement produces better ideas and allows geographically disperse teams to foster much closer working relationships than using typical collaboration services like conference calling.  


Unified Communications

With reliable internet connectivity being so vital to a good work experience as well as the productivity of the business, businesses should consider a unifying their connectivity products from one supplier, to find cost-savings, reduce the number of providers and simplify workflows for staff and IT managers.  

ACS Recommendations

  • Focus on finding an IP telephony service that integrates deeply with your existing workflows and technology
  • Consider a connectivity audit to better understand your communication needs and ensure your infrastructure is robust enough to support continued growth
  • Explore new communication services like Microsoft Teams, as well as emerging technology like VR, to foster stronger collaboration between groups

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In this age of constant innovation and development, it can be hard to separate the marketing buzz from the genuine, especially when every new product is labelled as revolutionary.

The new decade offers enterprises an opportunity to pause, take stock of current trends and struggles and discover new technological advances that further support and grow the business. For many, the year will be dominated by the roll-out of 5G across more towns and cities, spreading coverage wide enough to present businesses with the genuine freedom to operate throughout the country.

No matter the specific category, one trend across all sectors set to continue is simplification. Whether it’s simplifying workflows for staff through better software choice, enabling better budgeting through the amalgamation of disperse services from several providers in to one, or incorporating automation to allow staff to concentrate on important tasks, efficiency has become the name of the game.

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