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Check out our upcoming Cyber Security webinars and demos.


Why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are key for MSPs

As the volume, sophistication and complexity of attacks on SMBs grows, current IT Cyber Security solutions need to become more pro-active, automated and effective.

This presentation looks at how SMBs and MSPs can tackle these issues now and in the near future, and equip with the IT Cyber Security expertise and technology they need to defend their Clients and benefit from the this growth market.

May 7th at 4pm. Register here


Unsecured Networks: the Risks for your Business

More than 88% of malware trying to enter your network can be stopped with a DNS filtering solution. These allow admins to take back control of their network, securing all devices, preventing internet misuse, and improving productivity. A filtered DNS solution is capable of blocking DDoS attacks, botnets, cache poisoning, and other threats.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the importance of network security and how Webroot® DNS Protection can benefit your business and protect against attacks.

May 14th at 11am. Register here


Cloud Cyber Security Best Practices for Defending Against Targeted Attacks

Is your organisation a soft target? Automated processes can often determine this in a matter of minutes, and cybercriminals are aware.

Learn how to lift your organisation from easy target to robustly defended with learnings from this webinar.

June 18th at 4pm. Register here


The Top Cyber Security Threats Today and How to Protect Against Them

Webroot believes it’s possible to effectively protect businesses and clients, but only by understanding the adversary and the techniques they use.

This webinar will offer insights into prevailing malware trends and tactics, and discuss how implementing a layered security strategy can help you protect your clients from multi-pronged attacks.

July 9th at 4pm. Register here


Making Stopping Phishing Your #1 Priority

Phishing is flying under most organisations radar. Yet more than nine of 10 successful cyber security breaches start with a phish.

Phishing takes many forms and is constantly adapting and morphing to become harder to detect and therefore harder to stop. We used to talk about polymorphic malware, but we now live in the age of polymorphic phishing.

This webinar looks at the real threat that poses and defenses you can use to mitigate its effects on profitability.

July 16th at 4pm. Register here


Trends in IT Cyber Security

As technology becomes a critical component for digital organisations, cyber security becomes an even higher priority. Most companies know cyber security is important, but they aren’t sure how to best change their IT approach to reflect the new reality.

This market intelligence session, based on CompTIA’s latest research, describes the areas that every business should focus on: the new technology that is needed, the new processes that must be adopted, and the education that must be given to end users.

July 24th at 3pm. Register here


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DNS Protection Demo

Join our 30 minute in-depth technical demonstration of multi-vector Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection to see first-hand how this product secures the DNS protocol connection against cyberattacks in a quick, straightforward, and highly effective way, while allowing your admins to have full visibility to reduce risk and tailor usage policies to your organisation’s unique needs.

Endpoint Protection Demo

Join our 30 minute in-depth technical demonstration of multi-vector Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint protection to see first-hand how this product secures endpoints and users across all stages of a cyberattack.

Security Awareness Training Demo

Join our 30 minute in-depth technical demonstration of our brand new Webroot® Security Awareness Training for user education to see first-hand how ongoing cybersecurity education and training for end users is a must for businesses to stay secure from cybercriminals.

Call our expert workplace security team today on 0800 781 6717

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