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In need of direction to secure your journey through the cloud? Suffered a breach and don’t know what to do next? Or looking for advice on how to predict, spot and migrate threats in today’s Threat Landscape?

In light of the industry’s most recent and wide-scale attacks, ACS in partnership with Cisco have dedicated a selection of upcoming Webinars to ensure you have tools available to you to better protect your organisation.

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Cisco Cloud Security: You have been breached, now what?

You are doing everything you can to avoid breaches. But what happens when a hacker manages to bypass your security? In this webinar we will show you how to build a strong security posture and a layered defence that will give you the ability to quickly respond to breaches.

Tuesday, March 12th at 11am. Register here


Getting to Know DNS Security, Again

More than 91% of malware uses DNS to gain command and control, ex-filtrate data, or redirect web traffic. Users are working off-hours, off network, and off VPN. Are you up on all the ways DNS can be used to secure them? If not, maybe it’s time to brush up.

Tuesday, March 26th at 11am. Register here


Meraki & Umbrella: A Match Made in the Cloud

What if you could protect every user on your Meraki network in minutes without deploying an additional appliance? That’s the magic of combining the Meraki MR wireless access points and Cisco Umbrella.

Tuesday, April 2nd at 11am. Register here


Threat Landscape: How to Predict, Spot and Mitigate Threats

In today’s threat landscape predicting threats, spotting threats and mitigating them is super crucial. Join this session with Cisco cloud security experts as they talk about how Cisco Umbrella and The Umbrella Research team detect anomalies, block threats and identify compromised hosts.

Thursday, April 25th at 11am. Register here


Secure Mobile Users Anywhere: The Best Protection for iOS Devices

Join this webinar session with our Cisco cloud security experts to find out how you can simplify incident investigations with complete visibility into all traffic generated by the user, applications, and devices.

Thursday, May 9th at 11am. Register here


Secure your Journey Through the Cloud

How to secure access and usage of the cloud and give organisations confidence that all employees and data are protected.

Tuesday, June 11th at 11am. Register here


AI and Cyber Security

The media makes sensationalistic claims about AI, but let’s take a closer look at the facts. Join us on this webinar to see how Cisco Umbrella uses AI to effectively detect current and emerging threats.

Thursday, June 20th at 11am. Register here


Cisco Cloud Security: 6 Degrees of Network Security

While firewalls are ok, they won’t protect users when they are off network. There’s a lot standing between you and a safe network. Your security shouldn’t be one of them.

Tuesday, July 9th at 11am. Register here


6 Ways to Amplify your Security Stack

Strengthening your security stack doesn’t mean a massive overhaul or a loss of customisation and control. Join us to learn 6 ways to amplify and extend your stack with cloud security from Cisco Umbrella.

Thursday, July 18th at 11am. Register here

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