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The Client 

Garrets International provides a better standard of living at sea as a leading provision and stores management partner. They service more than 1,600 vessels around the world with the provision of healthy menu planning, cookbooks for every nationality, training programs for chefs, and on gallery audits.

The Requirement 

Garrets has been a managed service client of ACS for more than 10 years. When the company’s previous mobile phone contracts were coming to an end they decided to review what they had in place and consulted in the ACS Telecoms team. Costs needed to be assessed, the mobile devices themselves needed to be reviewed and Garrets were looking for better service all round.

The ACS Solution

After establishing what Garrets required from their mobile phone estate, our Telecoms team performed an audit on 3 months of the company’s phone bills for a tariff analysis. This helped the team establish the areas where costs could be saved for Garrets. An assessment of the company’s device estate was also completed to review how service and communication could be improved across the business.

Once the audit phase was completed, the Telecoms team presented their findings to the Garrets team along with recommendations for moving forward. The suggested scope of works included the migration of all existing EE mobile phone contracts to O2 and a strategy for transferring the company’s services over to a new iPone estate.

The project has been a success and Garret’s International have saved costs on their mobile phone contracts and are now using an up to date variety of devices.